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CNN Internships High School Students Program 2024 – PAID

Looking for an opportunity to gain valuable experience through a CNN internship? CNN offers an enriching program that combines real-world exposure with career development. CNN Internship nurtures talent and growth. Whether you’re a student seeking to expand your skills during the summer or an aspiring professional exploring new pathways, CNN Internship offers a dynamic platform to thrive. Embark on a transformative journey that blends passion, learning, and hands-on experience in the dynamic world of media.

CNN Internship 2024 – Summer & Fall Program

CNN Internship

About CNN

News coverage on CNN, also known as the Cable News Network, is authoritative and global. CNN’s unbiased and comprehensive news coverage has made CNN one of the world’s leading news channels since 1980. CNN covers an extensive range of topics unbiased and comprehensively. A wide range of topics are covered by CNN’s journalists and correspondents, ranging from current events to politics to business to technology to entertainment to business to business. Through its innovative programming and digital platforms, CNN continues to shape the media landscape, keeping audiences engaged and enlightened with its high-quality journalism.

CNN Internship Program Overview

CNN Internship Program offers a comprehensive and immersive experience designed to equip participants with practical skills in the media industry. It provides hands-on opportunities to work alongside seasoned professionals, contributing to news production, research, content creation, and more. The program is structured to offer exposure to various aspects of the media industry, empowering interns to develop their talents and make meaningful contributions.

Perks & Benefits

  • Mentorship from industry experts
  • Access to cutting
  • Networking opportunities with field professionals
  • Immersive learning experiences in a dynamic newsroom environment
  • Exposure to diverse teams and projects that enhance skills
  • Potential for career advancement within CNN and the broader media industry

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students or recent graduates pursuing relevant fields of study
  • Strong passion for journalism, media, or related disciplines
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • Demonstrated interest in current affairs and news production
  • Proficiency in relevant software and digital tools

How to Apply for CNN Internship?

  1. Visit the official CNN Careers website.
  2. Browse the available internship opportunities.
  3. For a specific position, you can also apply directly by clicking “Apply Now”.
  4. Fill out the application form with your personal and academic details.
  5. Attach a well-crafted resume and any additional required documents.
  6. Submit the application and await further communication from the CNN team.


Embarking on a CNN Internship offers unparalleled opportunities to grow and excel in the media industry. We provide a dynamic learning environment, hands-on experience and opportunities to work with industry experts through our program. Join CNN Internship and take the first step towards a future filled with exciting possibilities in journalism and the media.

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