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DreamWorks Internship: Launch Your DreamWorks Early Careers

DreamWorks Internship is your gateway to a thriving animation career. With a focus on nurturing talent and creativity, DreamWorks offers unparalleled opportunities for aspiring individuals. Explore the dynamic intersection of art and technology in our diverse and inclusive work environment. Your team member will provide guidance and assistance throughout the reshaping process. DreamWorks believes in animation’s power to inspire, entertain, and touch hearts. Discover endless possibilities for growth and development in our exciting animation careers.

Grab Your Chance at DreamWorks Internship: Secure Your Spot in the Animation World Now

DreamWorks Internship

About DreamWorks

DreamWorks Animation is known for innovative visual effects and exceptional storytelling. With a rich history of creating beloved characters and captivating worlds, DreamWorks continues to push animation boundaries. Innovation, innovation, innovation — we’re the leaders in our field because we nurture creativity, challenge imagination, and innovate continuously. Our mission is to craft unforgettable and immersive experiences that deeply connect with global audiences. DreamWorks remains at the forefront of animation, delivering entertainment that transcends generations and inspires the next wave of talented individuals.

DreamWorks Internship Program Overview

The DreamWorks Internship Program provides aspiring animators with hands-on experience and invaluable industry insights. From concept development to final production, the program cultivates talent. Interns work closely with seasoned professionals, contributing to real projects and expanding their skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. Gain a competitive edge and build a solid foundation for your animation career through this immersive and transformative program.

Perks & Benefits

  • Mentorship from industry experts
  • Modern animation technology at your fingertips
  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals
  • Engaging workshops and training sessions
  • Exposure to the animation production pipeline
  • Participation in real projects and creative collaborations

Eligibility Criteria

  • Enrolled in a relevant degree program or a recent graduate
  • Passion for animation and storytelling
  • Strong artistic and technical skills
  • Excellent communication and collaboration abilities
  • Ability to work well in a team and meet deadlines
  • A portfolio showcasing your artistic talent and animation skills

How to Apply for DreamWorks Internships?

To apply for the DreamWorks Internship, visit our official website and navigate to the Careers page. Choose the internship opportunity that matches your interests and skills. Prepare your resume, portfolio, and any other required materials. Craft a compelling cover letter that highlights your passion for animation and why you are interested in joining DreamWorks. Submit your application online through the provided portal. Our talent acquisition team will review your submission, and if shortlisted, you may be invited to further assessments or interviews. Good luck on your DreamWorks journey!


DreamWorks Internship offers a transformative experience that sets the stage for a successful animation career. Become part of a vibrant, collaborative environment surrounded by industry experts. Gain invaluable skills, expand your network, and contribute to awe-inspiring animation projects. Join DreamWorks and unlock a world of possibilities, where your dreams can come to life on the big screen.

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