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FDA Internships for Undergraduates Now Available

Looking for a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience? Look no further than the FDA Internship. This highly sought-after program offers aspiring undergraduate students the chance to delve into the fascinating world of pharmaceuticals and regulatory affairs. With a focus on summer internships, this immersive experience allows participants to explore the industry’s intricacies while working alongside experts. Seize the opportunity to broaden your knowledge, sharpen your skills, and establish a strong groundwork for a prosperous pharmaceutical career. Seize this incredible opportunity to grow and develop during your undergraduate years.

Online Applications Now Open for FDA Internship 2024

FDA Internship

About FDA

The FDA has long been a renowned regulatory agency in the United States. Public health is protected by FDA testing of safety, efficacy, and quality. These products include medications, food, vaccines, and medical devices. For the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to maintain the highest standards, the FDA enforces strict regulations, conducts extensive research, and collaborates with experts. By protecting consumers and advancing medical innovations, the FDA contributes to individuals’ overall well-being and promotes advancements that positively impact countless lives globally.

FDA Internship Program Overview

The FDA Internship offers a transformative experience for aspiring undergraduates, providing them with a solid foundation in the pharmaceutical and regulatory fields. The workshop will provide participants with valuable skills, knowledge, and mentorships to propel their careers. The internship will give students a valuable insight into the pharmaceutical industry and contribute to the public good.

Perks & Benefits

  • Access to industry experts and mentorship programs
  • Engaging workshops and skill-building sessions
  • Extensive experience in regulatory affairs and pharmaceuticals
  • Networking opportunities with field professionals
  • Exposure to cutting-edge research and medical advancements

 Eligibility Criteria

  • Current enrollment as an undergraduate student
  • Strong academic standing and an interest in pharmaceuticals
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • Passion for public health and regulatory affairs
  • Willingness to learn and contribute to impactful projects

How to Apply for FDA Internships?

FDA Internships are not complicated to apply for. Start by visiting the official FDA website and navigating to the internship section. Fill out the online application form, providing accurate personal and educational information. Include a well-crafted resume highlighting relevant coursework, extracurricular activities, and any previous experience in the pharmaceutical or healthcare fields. Additionally, prepare a concise cover letter expressing your interest in the internship program and your passion for public health. After submitting your application, the selection committee will review it thoroughly. Interviews will be conducted if your application is shortlisted.


The FDA Internship offers a transformative experience for aspiring undergraduates, providing them with a solid foundation in the pharmaceutical and regulatory fields. By working on hands-on projects, interacting with mentors, and networking, participants gain valuable skills and knowledge. This internship serves as a stepping stone to future success. Students can make an impact on public health while honing their pharmaceutical expertise.

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