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Looking for a rewarding opportunity to launch your career? Blizzard Internship gives you the perfect platform to explore exciting roles in the gaming industry. With a focus on nurturing talent, Blizzard is committed to providing valuable experiences for aspiring professionals. The gaming industry offers internships in areas such as design, marketing, and game development so you can get a taste of it. Dive into an immersive learning experience that combines Blizzard’s dynamic world with the summer spirit. Discover the ultimate blend of passion and professionalism with a Blizzard internship.

Explore Blizzard Careers Today | Blizzard Internship Summer 2024 Applications Open!

Blizzard Internship

About the Blizzard

Blizzard is a renowned gaming leader, known for creating immersive and groundbreaking experiences. With a rich history spanning decades, Blizzard has delivered legendary titles that have captured millions of hearts worldwide. Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to create unforgettable gaming experiences. As a company, Blizzard embraces a culture of collaboration, creativity, and continuous growth. As an organization where talent and expertise are diverse, we foster an environment in which employees can thrive and make a meaningful contribution.

Blizzard Internship Program Overview

An internship with Blizzard provides aspiring professionals with the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and develop skills in a supportive environment. Through the program, interns work closely with industry experts and contribute to exciting projects that shape gaming’s future. Embrace the opportunities this Blizzard Internship program offers to further your professional and personal growth.

Perks & Benefits

  • Access to cutting-edge gaming technology and resources
  • Mentorship from industry professionals and leaders
  • Networking opportunities with Blizzard employees and fellow interns
  • Exposure to diverse gaming industry projects and areas
  • Valuable insights into top game development and marketing

Eligibility Criteria

  • Enrolled in a relevant degree program or a recent graduate
  • Passion for the gaming industry and Blizzard’s games
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment
  • Open to learning and adapting to changing challenges

How to Apply for a Blizzard Internship?

Applying for a Blizzard Internship is simple and straightforward. Start by visiting our official website and navigating to the Careers section. Look for internship opportunities listed under Summer. Select the role that aligns with your interests and qualifications. Prepare your resume and cover letter showcasing your skills, passions, and relevant experiences. Fill out the online application form, providing accurate and detailed information. Submit your application and watch your email for further updates or interview invitations. Best of luck on your Blizzard journey!


To conclude, the Blizzard Internship is a transformative experience to help you advance your gaming career. With our hands-on learning opportunities, mentorship, and engaging projects, you will thrive. Come join us this summer and let your gaming passion flourish. Unlock your potential and embark on an extraordinary journey towards a rewarding future. Apply now and seize this remarkable opportunity at Blizzard Careers!

Apply for Blizzard Internship

Job Title Department Location Job DeTails
2024 US Summer Internship Game Engineering Santa Monica, California, US View & Apply
2024 US Summer Internship Analytics & Data Science Irvine, California, US View & Apply
2024 US Summer Internship Marketing Irvine, California, US View & Apply
2024 US Summer Internship Arabic Linguist Irvine, California, US View & Apply
US Summer Internship Localization Production Irvine, California, US View & Apply
2024 US Summer Internship Cyber Security & Game Sherman Oaks, California, US View & Apply
2024 US Summer Internship Software Engineering Irvine, California, US View & Apply
2024 US Summer Internship Game Design Playa Vista, California, US View & Apply
2024 US Summer Internship UI/UX Design Irvine, California, US View & Apply
2024 US Summer Internship Environment Art Irvine, California, US View & Apply
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