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FOX Sports Internship Program – Fall 2024

Looking for an exciting opportunity to launch your career? Look no further than FOX Sports Internships. FOX Sports offers internships during the summer season, providing valuable hands-on experience in the sports industry. Explore the dynamic world of sports and gain practical skills that will set you apart. Fox Sports offers jobs in various departments, including production, marketing, and journalism. Embrace the summer energy and dive into an internship that will propel your career.

FOX Sports Summer Internship – PAID Programme

Fox Sports Internship

About FOX Sports

Fox Sports is expected to remain a top media company for a long time. Highlights include televised championships and some of the world’s most renowned matches. Fox Sports has covered sports around the world for ten years. A favorite sports network for sports fans, this network offers comprehensive programming and complete coverage of sports all over the world. The fact that FOX Sports Network provides high-quality programming, insightful analysis, and unprecedented access to live events as the industry’s leading sports media outlet.

FOX Sports Internship Program Overview

The FOX Sports Internship Program offers a comprehensive learning experience for aspiring sports and media enthusiasts. Getting hands-on experience in production, marketing, social media, and many more is an excellent opportunity. Work alongside industry professionals, contribute to exciting projects, and develop essential skills that will shape your future sports career.

Perks & Benefits

  • Mentorship from industry experts
  • Networking opportunities with professionals and fellow interns
  • Access to exclusive sports events and behind-the-scenes experiences
  • Collaborative work environments foster creativity and growth
  • Training and development programs to enhance skills
  • Exposure to cutting-edge sports technology and production techniques
  • Potential for future job opportunities within FOX Sports.

Eligibility Criteria

  • There must be current enrollment in a college or university program to qualify.
  • Minimum GPA requirement (if applicable).
  • Strong passion for sports and the media.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
  • Adaptability to fast-paced and dynamic environments.
  • Prior experience or coursework in relevant fields is preferred.

How to Apply for FOX Sports Internship?

  1. Visit the official FOX Sports Careers website.
  2. Browse available internship positions.
  3. Prepare your resume and cover letter.
  4. Complete the online application form.
  5. Highlight relevant experiences, skills, and sports passions.
  6. Submit your application and await further instructions.


Embark on a thrilling journey with the FOX Sports Internship Program and unlock the doors to a successful sports media career. Immerse yourself in sports, expand your skill set, and connect with industry professionals. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable experience and make lasting connections. Apply for the FOX Sports Internship today and dream of an exciting future.

Apply for FOX Sports Internship

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