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Lockheed Martin Internship 2024 High School Intern

Is there anything more exciting than gaining hands-on experience in mechanical engineering and the manufacturing industry while studying this exciting field? Look no further than the Lockheed Martin Internship. This prestigious program offers a transformative summer experience that combines classroom learning with real-world projects. We offer an internship program that helps high school students and college graduates develop practical skills and explore their passion for innovation. Discover Lockheed Martin’s world and unlock endless possibilities this summer.

Lockheed Martin Internship Summer Program 2024 – Fully Funded

Lockheed Martin Internship

About Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a large aerospace and defense company that pushes technological boundaries. Lockheed Martin is a leader in technological advancements and innovative solutions. From aerospace and defense systems to aircraft and spacecraft, Lockheed Martin contributes to the industry in a variety of ways. Committed to excellence and fostering a collaborative environment, Lockheed Martin attracts top talent worldwide. This makes it an ideal destination for those seeking remarkable opportunities in the aerospace and defense sectors.

Lockheed Martin Internship Program Overview

The Lockheed Martin Internship Program offers a comprehensive and immersive experience for aspiring professionals. A highly competitive program with hands-on exposure to cutting-edge technology and projects. Through mentorship and guidance from industry experts, interns gain valuable insights and skills in their chosen fields. Designed to cultivate innovation and personal growth, the Lockheed Martin Internship program ensures participants are well-prepared for future careers in aerospace and defense.

Perks & Benefits

  • An understanding of real-world projects through hands-on experience
  • Mentorship from industry experts
  • Exposure to advanced technologies and innovation
  • Networking opportunities with field professionals
  • Competitive compensation and financial incentives
  • Professional development and training programs
  • Potential for future employment opportunities within Lockheed Martin

 Eligibility Criteria

  • Enrollment in an accredited university or college program
  • Mechanical engineering, for example, may be an option to consider.
  • Strong academic performance and technical aptitude
  • Effective communication and teamwork skills
  • Ability to obtain security clearances, if required
  • Demonstrated passion for innovation and problem-solving
  • Flexibility in adapting to fast-paced environments

How to Apply for Lockheed Martin Internship?

To apply for a Lockheed Martin Internship, follow these simple steps. First, visit the official Lockheed Martin website and navigate to the Careers section. Search for available internship positions using the provided filters, specifying your area of interest, such as Mechanical Engineering. Once you find a suitable position, carefully review the requirements and responsibilities. Prepare a polished resume highlighting your relevant skills and experience. Complete the online application form, providing accurate and detailed information. Finally, submit your application and await further instructions from Lockheed Martin’s recruitment team.


Lockheed Martin Internships offer an unparalleled opportunity to gain practical experience, develop skills, and contribute to cutting-edge projects. This immersive summer program offers a stimulating environment surrounded by top aerospace and defense professionals. Mentorship and real-world challenges await you as a participant. Prepare to accelerate your career in Mechanical Engineering and leave a lasting impact on the future of aerospace and defense.

Apply for Lockheed Martin Internship

Job Title Location Date Posted Job DeTails
OAG Intern Huntsville, Alabama, US Feb 8, 2024 View & Apply
Test Engineering Intern Owego, New York, US Feb 8, 2024 View & Apply
Systems Engineer Reliability and Maintainability INTERN Owego, New York, US Feb 8, 2024 View & Apply
Operations Industrial Engineering Intern Summer 2024 Littleton, Colorado, US Feb 8, 2024 View & Apply
Operations Industrial Engineering Intern Summer 2024 Littleton, Colorado, US Feb 8, 2024 View & Apply
Software Engineering Intern Longmont, Colorado, US Feb 8, 2024 View & Apply
Finance and Accounting Summer Intern Stratford, Connecticut, US Feb 8, 2024 View & Apply
Software Engineering Intern Longmont, Colorado, US Feb 8, 2024 View & Apply
Software Engineering Intern Longmont, Colorado, US Feb 8, 2024 View & Apply
Nuclear Engineer Modeling and Simulation Intern Littleton, Colorado, US Feb 7, 2024 View & Apply
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