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Lucasfilm Internship Summer 2024 Program for Students

Lucasfilm internships bring passion and opportunity. We provide an unforgettable summer experience for creative, ambitious individuals. Lucasfilm offers a range of immersive internship programs designed to propel your entertainment career. Catalyst internships offer hands-on experience, mentorship, and exposure to cutting-edge projects. Learning and growth possibilities are endless, whether in filmmaking, animation, or visual effects. Join us this summer and unlock a world of endless possibilities for your future career in Lucasfilm’s dynamic and captivating realm.

Lucasfilm Internship 2024 Applications Open (Apply Now)

Lucasfilm Internship

About Lucasfilm

There has been no company that has left an indelible mark on filmmaking and storytelling as Lucasfilm has. With a rich history and an innovation reputation, Lucasfilm has captivated audiences for decades. Lucasfilm brand is synonymous with groundbreaking visual effects, immersive storytelling, and unforgettable characters courtesy of George Lucas. From lightsabers to droids, Lucasfilm has brought imagination to life on the silver screen, inspiring generations of fans worldwide. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology, Lucasfilm continues to shape the entertainment industry. It creates experiences that transport us to galaxies far, far away.

Lucasfilm Internship Program Overview

Breaking into the entertainment industry is easy with Lucasfilm Internships. Training, mentoring, and projects focus on filmmaking, animation, and visual effects. Gain invaluable industry experience, collaborate with talented professionals, and unleash your creativity. Whether you dream of crafting epic stories or pushing the boundaries of visual effects, the Lucasfilm Internship Program is your gateway to a thrilling and rewarding journey in the dynamic realm of entertainment.

Perks & Benefits

  • Immerse yourself in Lucasfilm’s legendary world, working on iconic franchises and projects that have shaped the entertainment industry.
  • Gain hands-on experience and learn from industry professionals in filmmaking, animation, and visual effects.
  • Discover the world of creativity by taking advantage of cutting-edge facilities and technologies.
  • Join a team of talented and diverse individuals who share your commitment to storytelling and innovation.
  • Benefit from mentorship opportunities, guidance and feedback from experienced professionals who nurture your talent.
  • Expand your network by connecting with fellow interns and industry insiders, creating lasting relationships that could shape
  • Discover a supportive and inclusive work environment that values your unique perspective and encourages personal and professional growth.

 Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to aspiring individuals with a strong passion for filmmaking, animation, or visual effects.
  • Seeking candidates with a solid foundation in relevant skills and knowledge in their chosen field.
  • Accepting applications from students currently enrolled in an accredited educational institution or recent graduates.
  • Looking for applicants who demonstrate creativity, dedication, and a work ethic.
  • Prior experience or coursework in film, animation, or visual effects is a plus.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills are essential for successful internship participation.
  • Must be eligible to work at the location where the internship is offered.

How to Apply for a Lucasfilm Internship?

To apply for a Lucasfilm Internship, follow these steps for a chance to embark on an exciting entertainment journey. Start by visiting the official Lucasfilm website and navigating to the Careers or Internship section. Browse through the available internship opportunities and select the one that aligns with your interests and career goals. Prepare your application package, which typically includes a resume, portfolio, and a compelling cover letter highlighting your passion and relevant skills. Make sure to review and proofread your application thoroughly before submitting it through the designated online portal or email address. Be sure to adhere to any specified deadlines and keep an eye out for any additional requirements or instructions. Good luck with your Lucasfilm internship application!


In conclusion, the Lucasfilm Internship is an extraordinary opportunity for aspiring individuals passionate about filmmaking, animation, and visual effects. The dynamic world of entertainment offers interns hands-on experience, mentorship, and a chance to work on cutting-edge projects. Get valuable industry experience and connections by joining Lucasfilm. Discover a world where imagination knows no bounds, and let your creativity thrive at Lucasfilm.

Apply for Lucasfilm Internship

Job Title Location Date Posted Job DeTails
Lucasfilm Diversity & Inclusion Intern Summer 2024 San Francisco, California, US Feb 8, 2024 View & Apply
Industrial Light & Magic Technical/FX Artist Graduate Intern Summer 2024 San Francisco, California, US Feb 1, 2024 View & Apply
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